Tom Emerson: "Contemporary yes, modern no. Or at least not modern with a capital M. I associate the word modern with a certain kind of twentieth century thinking. There is no claim to truth in what we design. It is almost anticonceptual. There are a lot of judgements, but we never use a single concept."


Benedetta Tagliabue: "I suppose I have an interest in opposites, although I never thought about it. In general I think you cannot base architecture on just one idea. You always have many ideas at the same time, you develop them and as a result many different details are required."


Jan de Vylder: "I have always felt an affinity with the court jester and his mix of jokes and unvarnished truth - the only person whose insolence towards the king is tolerated. Maybe that sounds a bit exaggerated, but similar forces play a part in many of the things we have made. We succeed in doing things in our buildings that no one else would get away with."


The interiors of several projects involving the use of floors and furniture surfacing from Forbo Flooring are included as a form of inspiration. The projects are located in various parts of the world and show the many possibilities provided by Forbo’s products.