“We often run into something where our ideas are triggered by a place or a societal challenge, and we conduct experiments to investigate possible, valid alternatives for the living environment of the future. The architectural world seldom offers people the freedom to experiment on the basis of personal fascinations, so they are forced to concede to the client’s requirements and to accept compromises.


No art form is more tightly entwined with society than architecture. Of course, that is inherent to its functionality. We need architecture to live in and work in, for our relaxation and for our health. Implicit to this interweaving is that all the challenges facing society are equally applicable to architecture.


The interiors of several projects involving the use of floors and furniture surfacing from Forbo Flooring are included as a form of inspiration. The projects are located in various parts of the world and show the many possibilities provided by Forbo's products.


The client decided on a house with an eclectic interior. A surprising combination of old furniture and antiques with modern, carefully selected finishing materials - especially the timeless Forbo Furniture Linoleum - gave the interior a beautiful and individual effect.